Colorado Blue Spruce

Here is a timeless, traditional tree that has pleased many, many families. Marked by sturdy branches that will hold nearly any ornament in your collection and the super fragrance of any Spruce tree. Often displaying a frosty, almost light blue color this is a tree that has added just the right Christmas touch to many homes. But watch out for those needles these are the prickly ones!

Black Hills Spruce

These beauties originated in the Black Hills of the Dakotas and became very hardy trees. They hold their needles fairly well but your best bet is to wait until after the 1st of December to harvest one of these. Short, picky needles that are dusky-green cover a rough bark. You will find the Black Hills Spruce to be full and well shaped!

White Spruce

The White Spruce is much the same as the Black Hills Spruce, they come from the same family. A little more of a grey-green color but the same needle retention and rough brown bark. Often not quite as heavy, the White Spruce is full of stiff branches waiting for your ornaments. These are beautiful smelling trees and the sent will spread the Christmas season throughout your home!

Norway Spruce

Here is an emerald beauty! A lush color and long-lasting fragrance make this a tree for many homes. The short needles are relatively soft for spruce, some could almost pass for firs. Elegant, long branches fill out this tree and many families have made this their traditional Christmas Tree!