Our Products & Services!

At JENSEN TREES it is our goal to provide you and your family with some of the essential trimmings that you may need for a beautiful family Christmas! Families have been coming to our farm for more than 40 years and their tradition has passed to their children and even their grandchildren. Take a look at just a few of the happy families enjoying the family tradition of harvesting a family Christmas tree!! 

W offer a fantastic selection of Christmas Trees pre-harvested, in our indoor showroom or ready for you to harvest on your own; available in a variety of sizes, species and shapes. With available in a variety of sizes, species and shapes. With literally thousands of trees to choose from the challenge isn't finding a tree you like, rather selecting the "one" you will take home. Perhaps this is why so many of our customers find they need more than one tree. Come and take a walk through our wood and see why this experience will become a tradition.

After your tree is "wrapped up" and ready for transport take a look at our gift shop that offers home decorations and accessories! Beautiful, handmade items that all come from people in the community as well as through our family to yours! 

Lastly, don't forget to get one of our cards so you can contact us in the spring about our line of Nursery Trees!



For years and years families have had to struggle with the ordeal of setting up and taking down the Christmas tree. Now, at JENSEN TREES we can make these jobs easier and hassle free!

Get rid of all those brown needles from years past that have been hiding inside your tree just waiting to filter down into your carpet. Stop first at the "Shaker", after just a few moments the vibration will have your tree virtually clean of all of the old needles. So many of our repeat customers love this feature as it eliminates the worry of excess needle drop. Of course there will always be a few needles on the floor with a real tree, but check out our "Tree Removal Bags" in the Gift Shop! 

Now that you've found your perfect tree and it's all cleaned out, ready for the trip home and the traditional family decorating. You may find yourself wondering, "How do I get this tree home and into the house?" Our balers are the answer! The tree goes in one end and once we put our backs into it there are only a few trees that we may not be able to pull through with our backs, but we always come up with something! The tree gets wrapped in a nylon mesh and may be kept that way until you put it up in the house. Simply pull the mesh away from the but of the tree, place your stand on the trunk, carry the tree into the house (they've never fit through doorways this easy before!) stand it up straight and use a scissors to cut off the mesh. Just slice right up the side! 

Now your tree will easily fit in your trunk, or on top of your car. We always have twine available if you didn't bring your rope or bungee cords. At JENSEN TREES we want the only hard part about Christmas to be deciding on how many beautiful trees to take home!