White Pine

For years and years the White Pine has graced many family homes. The long soft needles and full shape distinguish this tree from others. All our Pines have long needles and will hold them well beyond Christmas. The pure White Pine fragrance has made our Barn what could be the best smelling barn in the state!

Scotch Pine

The Scotch Pine has what could be termed a medium length needle and rough bark. Many families still stand by this tree as one of the best since it will hold its needles for a very long time. The Scotch Pine has a great smell and the fullness is typical of a pine.

Norway (Red) Pine

This is one of the trees that has been around since our beginning. The Norway, or Red Pine has fewer branches but each is full of long dense needles that fill out these beautiful trees. A true family tradition that we at JENSEN TREES are happy to continue to offer.