In Memory of Eric Peter "Pete" Jensen

Pete Jensen loved growing trees, and he dedicated a major part of his life to forestry and the art of growing trees.  His other profound love was for his family; wife Arleen, three children Nancy, David and Lance, and four grandchildren.

Pete always enjoyed the outdoors and shared this passion with his family and friends.  We all grew up spending time in the forest, growing Christmas trees, taking walks, learning, and having fun.  There have been more than a million trees in Wisconsin alone that were planted by Pete and several Christmas tree farms that are growing trees today because of his influence.

In 1966 Pete was able to combine his two loves and establish the family Christmas tree farm, now known as Jensen Trees.  He designed the farm to be beautiful, peaceful woods where families could come and enjoy the forest and the experience of locating the perfect tree for the holidays.  Pete’s vision for our farm continues today with the trees we plant, and how we harvest, and the way we do business.  The tools he used to perfect his craft are still a part of our daily operations just as his guiding hand and caring heart continue to touch our lives each and every day.

In January of 2014 Pete Jensen passed away peacefully at a local nursing home.  He enjoyed a very good life filled with experiences, laughter and love.  As a farm boy in rural Michigan during the great depression, a munitions mate and gunner in the United States Navy during World War II, and a forester throughout Wisconsin Pete lived his life with a smile and the pride earned from a job well done.  We miss you Pete and all you shared with us.  The happiness that you found in the woods and the love you shared with your family are present as we walk the trails here at your farm and we are sure that there is a little bit of your smile in every home that enjoys a beautiful Christmas tree!