Fraser Fir

This is the top of the line, combining a beautiful blue/green color with the ultimate in needle retention! The needles are flat, green on top, blue on the bottom and encircle the whole branch; the bark is smooth and gray. As a fir these needles are soft to the touch while the branches remain firm enough to hold heavier, old-fashioned-type ornaments.

Balsam Fir

A traditional family christmas tree with excellent needle retention and a wonderful fragrance! Like all firs, the Balsam has a flat needle; these will be characteristically deep green on both sides and very soft to the touch. The bark of the Balsam tree will be smooth and dark grey and the branches are sturdy enough for many kinds of ornaments.

Caanan Fir

Jensen Trees has been very proud to offer this "New Tree" for more than 10 years! The Caanan is a mix between the Fraser and the Balsam and seems to have the best of both worlds! A wonderful fragrance and beautiful blue-green needles make this tree one to look for in the future.